Postdoctoral position with background in Cancer biology


The Goetz Lab at INSERM UMR1109 is seeking a talented postdoctoral fellow with background in Cancer biology. The candidate will lead a collaborative project aiming at dissecting the impact of aging on metastatic progression and therapy.




We recently realized that there is an urgent need to design pre-clinical strategies that integrate the aging aspect of the disease. In this collaborative project launched in the context of an INCa-funded scheme (French National Cancer Institute) and in collaboration with the teams of M.G. FERREIRA (IRCAN, Nice) and Y.COLLETTE & C.GINESTIER (CRCM, Marseille), the fellow will study the aged microenvironment and its effect on metastatic progression and therapy of breast cancer. For that, we will take use of unique premature aging models in zebrafish, mouse models at different ages and humanized PDX models. Our proposal will not only evaluate the efficacy of standard. The successful candidate will thus join an interdisciplinary team made of cell and cancer biologists, molecular biologists and physicist. The candidate will study several aspects of the metastasis cascade, including i) high-resolution and longitudinal imaging of metastasis in zebrafish and mouse models, ii) priming of metastatic niches by extracellular vesicles, iii) molecular characterization of the aged microenvironment and iv) test combinatorial pharmacological strategy to identify relevant therapeutic tools that integrate the aging aspect of the disease.
 The candidate will develop his project independently, under the close supervision of O.LEFEBVRE (mouse models and drugs), V.HYENNE (Extracellular vesicles and -omics), N.OSMANI (zebrafish & imaging) and J. GOETZ (metastasis). The candidate is also expected to present his results in the form of publications and international conference presentations, and to participate to writing of grant applications.


About the candidate

Skills :

•    Mouse (handling and classical procedures) and experimental metastasis models
•    Whole-animal longitudinal imaging in mice
•    Experience with photonic microscopy (confocal, spinning-disk, 2PEM and light-sheet)
•    Ability to work independently and collaboratively with biologists and physicists in the team
•    Being a team player, organized and curious, and able to drive the dynamics of the project
•    Great communication and writing skills
•    Fluency in English (lab comp. of people from France, Iran, Spain, Argentina, Czech Republic,...)
•    Experience in Image analysis software
•    Experience with zebrafish and or microfluidics (although not essential)

For more information on the group’s research: J. G. Goetz Team

Applications must be sent to:  J. G. Goetz (jacky.goetz[at]

    Please include the following in your application:

  • A cover letter
  • Your resume including at least 2 referees with supporting letters/contact details