Postdoctoral position with backgroud in Cell Biology, Microscopy & Cancer biology


A postdoctoral position in New pathways in endosome formation and extracellular vesicle secretion in metastasis is available in J.G. Goetz Team, UMR1109

The NANOTUMOR consortium is a French national multi-disciplinary workforce that aims to study cancer initiation and progression at molecular and subcellular level, by combining cutting-edge technologies in various cellular and animal models. In the context of preliminary results obtained within the consortium, the Jacky G. Goetz Lab at CRBS together with Patrick Schultz Lab at IGBMC are seeking a dedicated postdoctoral scientist with background in Cell Biology, Microscopy and Cancer Biology. 



The project proposed here aims to characterize the function of newly identified proteins in endosome formation and dynamics as well as in extracellular vesicle secretion (and metastasis). These proteins were recently identified as new partners of RAL GTPases by proximal interactome and co-immunoprecipitation within the NANOTUMOR consortium. The selected candidate will use a combination of cell engineering, cell biology, proteomic analysis and volumetric imaging and animal experiments to probe the role of recently identified proteins. In particular, 3D electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) will be used to characterize endosomal phenotypes at nanoscale resolution.
The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team made of cell and cancer biologists, molecular biologists and physicist. The candidate will develop his project autonomously but in close collaboration with another post-doctoral fellow, under the close supervision of Vincent HYENNE (Extracellular vesicles), Jacky GOETZ (Metastasis) and Patrick Schultz (Electron microscopy). The project will benefit from the multidisciplinary NANOTUMOR consortium to access multiple expertises, and in particular in proteomics (E.Coyaud/I.Fournier (PRISM, Lille) and A.Daulat/J.P. Borg (CRCM, Marseille)) but also micropatterning and fluorescent imaging. The candidate is also expected to present his results in the form of publications and international conference presentations, and to participate to writing of grant applications.


About the candidate

Skills (recommended but not mandatory):

•    Strong experience in cell and organelle biology. Extracellular vesicle biology would be a plus
•    Experience with electron microscopy (sample preparation and handling, imaging, segmentation)
•    Experience in both light & electron microscopy would be a very significant asset (FIB-SEM)
•    Cell engineering (CRISPR, lentivirus, siRNA..)
•    Good experience with photonic microscopy (confocal, spinning-disk or 2PEM)
•    Experience with Image analysis softwares
•    Ability to work independently and collaboratively with biologists and physicists in the team
•    Being a team player, organized and curious, and able to drive the dynamics of the project
•    Good communication and writing skills
•    Fluency in English (lab comp. of people from France, Spain, Argentina, Czech Republic, India...)