Post-Doctoral Fellow or Research Engineer - Theranostic targeting of breast cancer


The Goetz Lab at INSERM U 1109 is seeking a talented postdoctoral fellow or research engineer with experience in mice experimentation and a background in cancer biology. The candidate will lead a collaborative project aiming at dissecting the impact of several brush-arm drug conjugates on breast cancer progression and therapy.




The “Theranostic targeting of Breast Cancer” Project
We initiated a collaboration with Alexandre Detappe (ICANS) and Loïc Charbonnière (IPHC) for the development of several nanoparticle-based drug-delivery approaches. Nanomedicine is promising in particular in the Drug Delivery Systems’ development useful for the detection and treatment of infectious, genetic and cancer pathologies (Mittelheisser et al., 2020). Nanovectors developed until now allow a more or less effective encapsulation of hydrophilic or very hydrophobic drugs. Because efficient cancer and metastasis treatment is still hindered by many obstacles such as tumor targeting and toxicity, we have described, in collaboration, several new means for efficient delivery of powerful chemotherapeutic agents (Bouchaala et al., 2016; Perton et al., 2019). We have recently demonstrated that doxorubicin-loaded NEs efficiently targeted and delayed growth of subcutaneous tumors in an immuno-compromised mouse model (Liu et al., 2021).

Breast cancer is known to display resistance to current clinical therapies. Synergistic delivery of 3+ drugs combination remains an emerging challenge in cancer drug delivery due to the unique biodistribution and pharmacokinetics profile of each drug. This project aims to validate in vivo a subset of in-house produced and available bottlebrush drug delivery platform, in mice model. This includes the in vivo biodistribution characterization and evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of the drugs. It will provide a novel approach for breast cancer therapy, whereby combinations of several therapeutic agents are packed within the same bottlebrush polymer and delivered selectively to tumors using as a proof of concept, in triple negative breast cancer models . It should ultimately improve the specificity of the delivery while also reducing the toxicity of chemotherapy. These therapies could maximize efficacy and overcome treatment resistance in cancer.
The candidate will develop his project independently, under the close supervision of Olivier LEFEBVRE (mouse models and drugs) and Jacky GOETZ. The candidate is also expected to present his results in the form of publications and international conference presentations, and to participate to writing of grant applications. We will present the candidate to upcoming Post-Doctoral Fellowship AAP (ARC, La Ligue contre le Cancer).


About the candidate

Skills :

•    Mouse (handling and classical procedures) and experimental metastasis models
•    Whole-animal longitudinal imaging in mice
•    Experience with photonic microscopy
•    Ability to work independently and collaboratively with biologists and physicists in the team
•    Being a team player, organized and curious, and able to drive the dynamics of the project
•    Great communication and writing skills
•    Fluency in English (lab comp. of people from France, Italy, Taiwan, Czech Republic, etc.)
•    Experience in Image analysis software

For more information on the group’s research: J. G. Goetz Team

Applications must be sent to:  J. G. Goetz (jacky.goetz[at] & O. Lefebvre (lefebvre[at]

    Please include the following in your application:

  • A cover letter
  • Your resume including at least 2 referees with supporting letters/contact details