Seminar : Multi-Omics at any scale with Nanostring Solutions

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We are pleased to announce the seminar of Jean-Baptiste Penigault and Thibaud Metzger, of Nanostring, at the CRBS auditorium, on Thursday May 19th at 11am, on the topic “Multi-Omics at any scale with Nanostring Solutions”

19 mai 2022

   Date & lieu : 19 mai 2022, 11h00, auditorium du CRBS

  • Sujet : Multi-Omics at any scale with Nanostring Solutions

The CRBS and NanoString invite you to learn how fellow researchers have applied our technologies to their research projects. NanoString enables scientists to envision molecular interactions in three dimensions with three different systems, nCounter, GeoMx and CosMx. As a result, scientist can see the multi-omic expression of genes and proteins in natural context of tissue structure

Orateurs :

Jean-Baptiste Penigault, Technical Sales Specialist, and Thibaud Metzger, Regional Account Manager, both of NanoString.


Organisateur :

Nicolas Le May, Inserm U 1112, Unistra, CRBS, Strasbourg